3CX Cloud Hosted iPBX?

3CX Cloud Hosted iPBX is a complete Internet protocol (IP) Telephony system which uses Voice over Internet Protocal (VoIP) technology. It delivers all the features and more of a traditional PABX without having expensive set up & maintenance costs.



IP Telephony Solutions

With SIP Connect, you have the power to choose the solution that’s perfectly suited to your needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of business telephone system packages, so you can choose the most ideal options that let you communicate with unparalleled ease and reliability, from inbound call management, to call recording, to IVR.

Inbound Call Management

Managing inbound calls has never been easier with the solutions that we offer. Now you can route calls quickly and efficiently based on the volume and type of calls you’re receiving, the season, or promotions you’re running.

Outbound Call Management

Have more control over your outbound calls with our call management solutions, so you can fine-tune permissions to make international calls or calls to premium rate numbers on a per-extension basis, and get a bird’s eye-view of these calls with our powerful reporting tools.

Hunt Call Groups

Route your calls more efficiently with hunt call groups where calls to a particular number can be forwarded to a group of extension numbers. It’s also easy to use because you can manage this in real time, or schedule this according to the date or time of day.

Auto Attendant

Let your receptionist focus on more essential tasks with the help of the auto attendant feature, which gives you the ability to manage and transfer calls automatically.

Call Recording

Never miss an important conversation again with the call recording feature. You can choose to record either inbound or outbound calls only, or both, depending on your specific needs.

Inbound Fax And Fax2Email

Still getting faxes from your customers? The fax2email service combines the familiarity of the fax machine with the convenience of email. Simply create a fax number, link it to your email address, and you’ll receive faxes directly in your inbox as image files.

Voicemail & Voicemail To Email

Retrieve your voicemails wherever you are in the world with our voicemail to email service. All unanswered calls will be routed to your voice mailbox as usual, but you can also have it forwarded to your email address as a WAV file, so you can open it anywhere using any device.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

No matter the size of your organisation, managing and routing calls can be made much simpler with an IVR system. Using a series of actions which trigger pre-recorded audio messages, you can take your callers to the right direction in seconds.

Number Provisioning

With number provisioning, we can provide you with local or non-local Australian numbers, or both, depending on your needs. This then allows you to allocate conference calls based on the most ideal type of number. For example, you can choose to use local numbers when talking to local partners, or a non-local one for your international partners.

Music On Hold

Need to put a call on hold? Choose from our wide range of royalty-free music and we’ll set it up on your phone system, so you can make waiting for an answer a little less of a hassle for your customers.


The hosted voip telephony platform comes with a powerful reporting suite that is within the Metis online portal. From here you can report on these plus many more:

– Call Volumes (answered/unanswered, duration, time of day)
-Call Type (Mobile/Landline/International)
– Services & Financials


With our diagnostic tools, troubleshooting issues with your phone lines can be quick and easy. Your technical team can simply look up the information they need to know so that they can fix the problem right away.

Emergency Service Management

When emergencies happen, you can rest assured that your phone system can call Australia’s common emergency services numbers, be it 000, 112, or 106.


Customer Success Stories

Sexyland Australia

Updating our ancient phone system and internet services was a daunting task for us and one that we kept putting off. Thankfully we were introduced to SIP Connect. From the very first meeting with SIP Connect we were totally impressed with their confidence, recommendations and solutions in improving all of our stores and head-office communications. Best of all SIP Connect did the lot. We didn’t have to do a thing. It was the smoothest of transitions with very little, if any, downtime. I cannot recommend SIP Connect enough for their professionalism, after sales service and expertise in this area.

Priceline Pharmacy

I was very impressed with SIP Connect’s sincere desire to ensure that the telephone system we chose, would meet all of our needs. They asked many questions regarding our business and our telephone usage and raised issues not at the fore of my mind. The result is that the we are delighted with the functionality of our telephone system.

Pilgrim Clothing

We had tried different deals from various carriers as the telecommunication industry became deregulated and more competitive (Telsta, Iprimus, Optus etc) and as a result we had different lines with different carriers and multiple bills. This was becoming an administrative burden and quite confusing, no one was there for you after the sale to clean up the mess they made. If any problems occur (phone line faults etc) then it is one phone call to SIP Connect, they make the necessary arrangements to remedy the situation, without my staff wasting there time, waiting on hold, just to speak to someone. We don’t do that any more.

Lees Warehouse

We would like to extend our thanks to Jack Germanos and the SIP Connect team as they hav always provided top quality services to us, which include patience, support, and a sound knowledge the industry. An extremely reliable company they have always been there to solve our problems. We would be pleased to recommend SIP Connect to any one who has had a bad experience with other providers or is keen to significantly reduce their costs

Warringal Financial Services

Migrating our phone services to VoIP was a no brainer, SIP connect excecuted our upgrade perfectly, we now enjoy the savings



We offer a wide range of business phone systems that suit your unique needs—from music on hold, to conference calls, to call recording.




You can depend on our installation, after-sales support, and relocation services so you can stay connected the quick and hassle-free way.