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Is your business safe from cyber threats? With the rise of digitalisation, the risk of cyber attacks is higher than ever. Every day, companies face potential data breaches and security vulnerabilities that can compromise sensitive information and damage their reputation.

This is where xSpectre comes in. We are your ultimate solution for cyber security, providing you with advanced vulnerability scanning technology to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities in your environment.


What is Vulnerability

Vulnerability scanning is the process of discovering, analysing and reporting on security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your digital estate. xSpectre uses advanced, automated tools to identify potential risk exposures and attack vectors across your networks, hardware, software and systems. This is an essential step in the vulnerability management life cycle, helping you take proactive steps towards preserving your security posture.


Why Are Vulnerability Scans Necessary?

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and a few minutes of cyber incident to ruin it.”

– Stéphane Nappo

Do you have the time or skills required to protect your business from targeted and malicious cyber attacks? According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), an average of 208 cyber crime reports are made each day – that’s about 1 every 7 minutes.

Once compromised, attackers have access to sensitive data for an average of 127 days. This can lead to irreparable brand damage and expensive data breach fines. Regular vulnerability scanning helps you identify, prioritise and remediate critical vulnerabilities before it’s too late.

What Types of
Vulnerability Scanning
Does xSpectre Offer?

xSPECTRE offers two types of vulnerability scanning – perimeter and on-premise scanning. Perimeter scanning is used to scan your publicly exposed resources such as your website, WAN IP address or subdomains. On-premise scanning, on the other hand, involves scanning your entire network via a hardware device to assess all endpoints such as servers and PC’s.

This allows you to identify vulnerabilities both outside and inside your network, so you can take proactive steps to secure your digital environment.

Common Types of Vulnerabilities

There are many types of vulnerabilities that can expose a business to cyber security threats and attacks. Some of the most common vulnerabilities include:

Software vulnerabilities


Phishing attacks

Outdated software

Insider threats

By conducting regular vulnerability scanning, xSpectre can help businesses identify and remediate these and other vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers.

Which Businesses Are a Good Fit For xSpectre?

xSpectre provides cyber security services for a diverse range of customers, including:

Small, Medium and Large businesses that rely on technology for their operations.

Businesses that store and manage sensitive user records such as Education, Healthcare, Law, Finance, Insurance and Non-Profit organisations.

Businesses that process Ecommerce or Credit Card transactions such as Retail, Distributor and Wholesale companies.

Professional organisations needing to protect their Intellectual Property such as Consulting, Marketing, Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction businesses.

IT Providers looking to grow their Managed Service Agreements and increase revenue while ensuring their customers’ security.

xSpectre understands the unique cyber security concerns of each business type across all sectors. We utilise leading security intelligence to empower your business to use technology safely, and with confidence.

Why Choose xSpectre?

With xSpectre, businesses can protect themselves from cyber security attacks. Our advanced, yet affordable scanning technology is designed to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities, giving you the tools you need to take proactive steps to secure your environment.

Multiple Pricing Models – We offer a range of pricing models to suit the needs of different types of businesses, whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise. Our pricing options include:

Perimeter Scan

Basic protection for your business

Monthly Perimeter Scanning

Monthly perimeter scanning for your WAN IP address, website and subdomains. A scan is produced and a detailed Vulnerability Report provided.

Cloud-hosted scanning appliance

No minimum contract

* Price Inclusive of GST

On-Premise Scan

Ultimate protection for your business

Monthly On-Premise Scanning

We offer monthly on-premise scanning that includes both internal and perimetere scans. A monthly scan is produced and a detailed Vulnerability Report provided. Suitable for between 25 and 250 internal endpoints.

On-premise scanning appliance

12 month contract

* Price Inclusive of GST


Tailored solutions for your business

Customised Scanning

With this approach, we work with you directly to audit your site(s) and identify your organisation’s significant assets. We provide extensive scanning and security testing that is more comprehensive than the standard perimeter and on-premise scans. Pricing for this option is based on the size of your business and the estimated time required to establish your network requirements.

On-Premise Scanning

Pre-paid Annual Subsciption

Note* The initial Contract Fee once paid upfront will provide you with 1 year of monthly reporting.
Includes the on-premises scanning appliances as part of the initial contract fee. This appliance remains the property of SIP Connect.
Critical Information Summary

xSPECTRE Vulnerability Reports

We understand that cyber security can be time consuming, complex and confusing. Focus on your core business while xSPECTRE identifies potential security vulnerabilities in your networks, systems and applications. We offer monthly tailored reporting that’s easy to understand and actionable, ensuring that you’re fully informed about your cyber security status. Contact us today to request a sample report and learn more about how we can help you protect your business from cyber security attacks.


What Our Customers Say

We went with xSPECTRE because we felt we were getting the cyber security protection we needed at an affordable price. All while running quietly in the background.

Ayden Melican

Assistant Accountant - Melican Partners

Information security is a real concern for our business. The Vulnerability Reports we receive from xSPECTRE make sure we always know where we stand and can take action when necessary.

Grant Oliver

CEO – Pilgrim Clothing

As an IT company, partnering with xSPECTRE Vulnerability Scanning is a win-win. Growing our Managed Service Agreements means xSPECTRE does the heavy lifting while we ensure our customers’ systems are secure.

George Rizk

Chief Operations Officer – Logic Solutions Australia

I’ve been a SIP Connect customer for years and highly value their products and customer service. The added option of xSPECTRE Vulnerability Scanning was a no brainer.

Dr Dee Harling

Chairwoman – Greensborough Dental

Trusted by Customers Nationally

Ready to Get Started?

By choosing xSpectre, you’re choosing a cyber security solution that offers advanced scanning technology, multiple pricing models and exceptional customer service. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your environment is protected from potential threats, reducing the risk of irreparable brand damage and expensive data breach fines.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – take the first step towards securing your business with xSpectre today.

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