Effective Collaboration Made Easy With A.I Powered Video Conferencing Solutions For Any Meeting Space

Take confidence into your next meeting by having an advanced video conferencing solution that offers seamless connection, crisp audio and high quality video.

Looking to update your existing boardroom technology? Wanting to transform your meeting space entirely?

Then pick from a range of powerful A.I solutions that will allow you to host professional video conferences, and amplify the benefits of connecting with others, using platforms such as 3CX, MS Teams, Zoom, WebX and Google Platform Independent.

Professional Video Meetings
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Whether it’s fitting out a small focus room or an extra large conference space, we’ve got you covered. Our suite of A.I powered solutions are designed to simplify video conferencing across borders, boost productivity and make collaboration fun.

Focus and
Small Room

1 – 5 People

Meeting Room

5 – 10 People

Meeting Room

10 – 30 People

Our Solutions Integrate With The Highest Ranked Video Conferencing Platforms You Already Use

We’ve partnered up with the most commonly used video conferencing platforms from around the globe to make sure your hard working team is never offline.

Choose from either our Windows or Android Systems that have been pre-configured based on room type, or better yet bring your own device. A BYOD kit means you can simply connect your new A.I powered video & audio devices to an existing P.C or Notebook without any hassle.

Yealink Video Device Solutions

Microsoft Teams Rooms System & BYOD Meeting Kit

Cover Different Size of Meeting Rooms

What Our A.I Powered Video & Audio Solutions Offer To You and Your Team

More Than 5 Cables

Yealink - Within 2 Cables From TV to Table Area

Easy Deployment

Compared with other vendor solutions One Cat5e cable technology connects the table area and tv area using only two cables for a clutter free experience. Cat5e can be extended up to 30 metres for large conferencing rooms and costs much less.


With real-time face detection, auto-framing and optimised use of screen real-estate, your meeting participants will always be in shot no matter the size of the meeting room.

Intelligent Speaker Tracking

The camera and microphone system are equipped with voice recognition technology, designed to track and identify the main speaker in the room, so that premium quality audio and video transmission can take place.

HD Wide Angle Lens

All video solutions are equipped with an advanced, ultra hd, 4k, wide angle lens that’s designed to capture an entire room, plus its surroundings, without compensating on video quality.

Instant Content Sharing

Easily present content from your laptop or computer device using a single click. Powerpoints, slides and other documents can be discussed whilst on screen, boosting your team’s ability to collaborate in person or through video communication.

Specific Camera Control

Take back complete control of your meetings, with our MTouch camera control solution. Manually control the camera to capture the shot you desire or select from a range of preset camera positions using a simple touch gesture.

Noise Cancelling Microphone

Our noise cancelling microphones eliminate background noise from open conferencing rooms, only transmitting crisp audio, to ensure clear communication between all parties who are connected within the meeting.

Cortana Speaker Phone

Use simple voice commands to control your devices & seamlessly manage your meetings. To turn voice control on, use the command “Hi Cortana”, and once enabled you can ask Cortana to complete simple tasks such as “Start Next Meeting” or “Turn On Camera” without having to press any buttons.

Flexible Audio Options


  • 6+1 Beamforming Mic Array for AI Speech
  • Built-in 3 Mic Array For Meeting Audio
  • 20(6-meter) Voice Pickup Range
  • Full-Duplex Technology
  • Yealink Noise Proof Technology
  • Mute and Volume Control Button with LED
  • Power Supply by USB
  • AI Features (Microsoft Cortana, Microsoft Transcription)

CPW90 Wireless Mics

CPW90 Wireless Mics
  • DECT Technology, Stable Audio Quality
  • Supports Up To 4 Units
  • 10ft/3m Voice Pickup Range of Every Mic Unit
  • Built-in Li-Battery, 11 Days Standby, 19 Hours Talking Time
  • Charging Dock, Charging Any Time
  • Echo Cancellation

VCM34 Array Mic

VCM34 Array Mic
  • Built-in 3 Microphone Array
  • 20ft/(6m)/360O Voice Pickup Range
  • One CATS Cable for Power and Audio
  • Every Unit has In & Out Port, Cascade Connection Up to 6 Units
  • Yealink Noice Proof Technology
  • Mute Button with Dual-Color LED

VCM38 Ceiling Mic

VCM38 Ceiling Mic
  • Built-in 8 Microphone Array
  • 13ft/(4m)/360° Voice Pickup Range
  • One CATS Cable for Power and Audio
  • Yealink Noice Proof Technology
  • Echo Cancellation

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Our specialists will determine what is needed to achieve your goal in transforming your meeting space into A.I powered collaboration hub.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a warranty with your video solution products?

Gear comes with a 2 year warranty.

Do I have to have an account with MS Teams before I can purchase this technology?

No. You can sign up for MS Teams or other video conferencing platforms after your conferencing room is set up with your new A.I powered technology.

If I have an existing video conferencing set-up will your technology integrate with it or do I need to replace it?
No you will not be able to integrate with your existing Voice Conferencing kit.
Do you sell other display devices such as Television screens that I can hang on the wall of my video conferencing room?
Yes we can supply screens as well.
Will this technology allow me to connect with businesses on skype if I’m on MS Teams?
Some of the Yealink gear will work with both MS Teams and SFB.

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