Voice Over Internet Protocol

VoIP is a technology that combines voice and internet that makes it possible for you to make crystal-clear calls and make considerable savings in your call and line rental costs by as much as 65 percent.


Keep your organisation connected with our Mobility Solution: Work from anywhere with the Android and iOS clients.

Flexible Business VoIP Solutions

Whether you operate seasonally or aim to expand, we can adapt our solutions to the unique needs of your business. Plus, with our use of future-proof technologies, you can maximise the benefits of your business VoIP longer than ever before.

Business VoIP That’s Cost-effective

With VoIP, you can save as much as 65 percent on your communication costs, so why stick with a traditional provider?

Unparalleled End-to-end Support

SIP Connect is your partner in growth. That’s why we’ll provide you with end-to-end support so you can always stay connected reliably and affordably.

Connect your business to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) clearly, reliably, and affordably with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Compared to old ISDN services, VoIP is more cost-effective when it comes to call charges and rental line fees. Imagine the savings you’ll make when you finally make the switch.

With this technology, you can expand your call capacity easily without having to switch to new handsets and landline numbers (subject to your existing carrier). Plus, VoIP allows you to make crystal clear calls that are comparable (if not better) than ISDN. And if you have HD-enabled equipment, you can make calls and conduct video conferences in high definition.

Expecting disruptions or a large volume of calls? We can redirect calls to a recovery site or mobile number of your choice.

Change the way you communicate today with our VoIP solutions. Please contact us for more information.


Customer Success Stories

Sexyland Australia

Updating our ancient phone system and internet services was a daunting task for us and one that we kept putting off. Thankfully we were introduced to SIP Connect. From the very first meeting with SIP Connect we were totally impressed with their confidence, recommendations and solutions in improving all of our stores and head-office communications. Best of all SIP Connect did the lot. We didn’t have to do a thing. It was the smoothest of transitions with very little, if any, downtime. I cannot recommend SIP Connect enough for their professionalism, after sales service and expertise in this area.

Priceline Pharmacy

I was very impressed with SIP Connect’s sincere desire to ensure that the telephone system we chose, would meet all of our needs. They asked many questions regarding our business and our telephone usage and raised issues not at the fore of my mind. The result is that the we are delighted with the functionality of our telephone system.

Pilgrim Clothing

We had tried different deals from various carriers as the telecommunication industry became deregulated and more competitive (Telsta, Iprimus, Optus etc) and as a result we had different lines with different carriers and multiple bills. This was becoming an administrative burden and quite confusing, no one was there for you after the sale to clean up the mess they made. If any problems occur (phone line faults etc) then it is one phone call to SIP Connect, they make the necessary arrangements to remedy the situation, without my staff wasting there time, waiting on hold, just to speak to someone. We don’t do that any more.

Lees Warehouse

We would like to extend our thanks to Jack Germanos and the SIP Connect team as they hav always provided top quality services to us, which include patience, support, and a sound knowledge the industry. An extremely reliable company they have always been there to solve our problems. We would be pleased to recommend SIP Connect to any one who has had a bad experience with other providers or is keen to significantly reduce their costs

Warringal Financial Services

Migrating our phone services to VoIP was a no brainer, SIP connect excecuted our upgrade perfectly, we now enjoy the savings



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